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Television is a place where surreal ideas of writers can become a reality, and there are very few boundaries or taboos which have not been crossed these days. The premise can be as absurd as you want, and as long as the TV boss likes the sound of the pitch, anything is possible.
However, not allImage By: tmw1340 television programmes are of the high calibre we as consumers come to expect, basing our high opinion on shows we love and admire such as The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or classics such as Fawlty Towers. Here are two of the strangest programmes ever to be broadcast on TV.
Proefkonijnen. This Dutch cookery show was broadcast on BNN, and got thrown into the spotlight after a bizarre cannibalistic storyline. Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno were brought to the attention of the national press after the two presenters cooked and ate some human flesh surgically removed from each other's bodies. This was done in front of a live studio audience.
The pair took part in cannibal stunt voluntarily, and both went under the knife to remove some muscle tissue for the purpose of eating it. Producers have defended the show in the furore afterwards, saying the stunt was not unlawful and the men had agreed to complete the bizarre experiment without any problems beforehand.
Man vs. Beast. The title is self-explanatory, and this strange concept for a series actually made it onto TV in the U.S. Humans were pitted against a range of animals in sporting events of strength, speed, and intelligence, to see who came on top in the animal kingdom.
This included a sprinter holding a foot race with a giraffe strangely enough. The craziest event had to be when a zebra and an elephant were pitted against 44 midgets in a test of strength and endurance, as they endeavoured to pull some DC-10 jets along the tarmac. Animal rights activists flipped out and a UK series had to be cancelled, which John Fashanu was scheduled to present.

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