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Cult comedy TV shows have been disappearing from the airwaves at an alarming rate in the UK, as tele bosses try to freshen things up and win new audiences in the war for viewing figure supremacy, no one is safe. There is no doubt the competitive nature of the industry has resulted in the unjustified liquidation of some of the best loved programmes of the last decade, such as Shooting Stars, which was axed recently without warning.
It is very rare an old show is given a new lease of life. However, there is some good news on the as The Fast Show makes a triumphant comeback online. The show had a successful stint between 1994 to 1997, clocking up three series, with a special Last Fast Show Ever in 2000, they have been quiet ever since. After 11 years in the dark, writers Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse have reunited their old friends for a new series with the help of a famous Australian beer company.
The cast will feature old favourites such as Louis Balfour, the ultra-chic and intellectual Jazz critic, and the revered suit sellers Ken and Kenneth, who will be spouting their famous refrain once more “Ooh! Suit you sir!”. It seems the good times are set to start all over again, and hopefully a new age of fan will be attracted.
One person who will definitely be tuning in is Jonny Depp, who is a great fan. Who could forget the cameo by Jonny Depp when the show was at its most popular, when he browsed the wares in Suit You tailors shop and encounters the two intrusive, over-zealous salesman for the first time. It is a sketch full of laughs and frivolity and Depp even joins Ken and Kenneth in their famous catch phrase at the end.
Then there is the unrequited love storyline of Ted and Ralph, the posh estate owner who tries endearingly to strike up an intimate relationship with his head grounds man. Who knows what mischief the writers have in store, fans can only wait with great anticipation. Now there is a saviour for quality British humour, hopefully more of the unwanted and unloved TV shows that have been unjustly binned can make a return for the public's viewing pleasure.

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