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There have been a lot of games shows throughout the years, many of which introduce new ideas. Most of these game shows are regular quizzes; but there are those that don’t fall into this category, leaving you wondering what on earth was going on in the minds of their creators.
Some of these games are:
• The Intercept. This game show is of Russian origin. In The Intercept, contestants have to act as thieves. A contestant is given a brand new stolen car; but he or she will have to escape from the police in 35 minutes. For those of you who play video games like Grand Theft Auto, you should have some inkling as to the idea behind the program. If you manage to escape from the cops, the cars is yours but if you don’t you are busted, just like any criminal. Without any doubt this is the strangest game show ever.
• Silent Library. The origins of this game come from Japan and the Japanese are known for having the weirdest ideas when it comes to game shows. In Silent library, contestants sit round a table in a library and pick up cards at random. A contestant who picks up the X card performs a given task. The task may be being beaten, eating weird things, being tickled and many other subjects. When the contestant is performing the task, no one should make any noise in order to get points in that particular round. The funny thing about this game show is that at the end of it all, the money won is equally split amongst all the contestants.
• Distractions. Americans are well known for taking the original Japanese game format and changing it around in order to appeal to the American audience. Unlike the others, distraction is all American. In this game show you answer questions while being distracted by either being tickled or beaten and, to win, you must answer all the questions correctly.
There are many other strange game shows around the world but so far these are the weirdest ones ever.

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