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Heading off to university for the first time, can be as traumatic as it is exhilarating. The thought of leaving the nest and gaining a new level of independence can be a daunting experience for even the bravest young upstart; but everyone must take the plunge at some time or other, fly the coup and go out into the big bad world alone.
Image By: m0gkyA new BBC drama in Northern Ireland is set to document the experiences of six students, new to the university campus and ready to start a new chapter in their fledging lives. There will undoubtedly be some twists and turns along the way, as Northern Ireland try to re-create the success of similar series like Fresh Meat.
6Degrees has been commissioned in association with Northern Ireland Screen, and the premise of the show is geared to attract a new younger audience. Many of whom will be looking to see what all of the fuss is about as they start to plan their own adventures into university.
The programme which starts on the 28th of Feb, will be brought to you by Stirling productions and will follow a bunch of Freshers from around the UK as they get stuck into their further education course in NI. The show is designed to explore the relationships and bonds that students make here during these chaotic times, and captures some of the undeniable life experiences that young people gain through a complexity of social interactions, trials and tribulations.
The cast is full of local and international talent, including Jayne Wisener, who has featured in big name productions such as Sweeney Todd and the Inbetweeners. She will be playing alongside Cillian O'Sullivan, who also has previous TV experience for the series Single-handed.
Alison Orr of BBC Northern Ireland described the show in these terms: "It offers a fascinating insight into student life and some of the important themes and issues relevant to young people today."
"It's also a showcase for some brilliant new acting talent, and has offered an important opportunity for local writers and upcoming production talent. We very much hope it will be enjoyed by a whole new generation of BBC Northern Ireland viewers."

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