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The 90s were great for TV. Some of the most memorable programmes of the decade included Friends and Dawson's Creek. The shows aren't as popular now, but in their day they saw extreme success. As with any decade there were hugely popular shows and also ones that tended to fade into the background. There were so many incredibly good underrated shows that didn't receive mass audiences, due to the fact that they were eclipsed by the more universally popular programmes.  Image By: culture.culte
An example of a great comedy series from the mid-nineties is The Fast Show. This sketch show featured Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse performing funny clips and sketches that could be considered the natural successor to Monty Python. The show has actually seen a return in 2011 called The Fast Show 2011, much to the delight of old fans and new viewers.
One of the stars of the Fast Show appeared in another series called The Royale Family. Caroline Aherne starred in the series which portrayed a family struggling to make it through their daily problems. The Royale Family was one of the most humour-rich series of the entire decade.
International shows that also got less buzz than they deserved include Xena-Warrior Princess and Mr and Mrs Smith from the US. Xena-Warrior Princess got a cult following which still exists today and Mr and Mrs Smith was turned into a movie, but neither really took off like they could have had people properly appreciated them.
The nature of TV is that we only get what appeals most universally, and not many shows fit the bill.

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