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In English speaking countries, unsurprisingly, there isn't that much demand for Latin American TV shows. This makes people believe that there is little to nothing of quality TV coming out of Spanish speaking areas. This is completely untrue, though, and it is made clear by the rising demand and number of viewers who choose to watch these shows.
Latin American TV showsImage By: Dania Do Svidaniya take a different approach, the same way that Japanese, German, and other foreign shows do. They're designed to appeal to the locals, to the nationals, and to those that understand the culture and language. That's why many native English speakers don't really understand why the Spanish soap operas (telenovelas) are such hits. However, some of these, including Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo, Más Sabe el Diablo, and La Tormenta, are actually watched throughout the Latin American countries (particularly Mexico) and have huge fan bases. 
Latin American talk shows are also extremely popular, though much different. Shows like Cada Manana and Guau! get thousands of viewers every day, yet a foreign audience wouldn't understand them at all. There are clowns hosting the shows, people dressed up and hitting each other, and of course lots of scantily clad women dancing. These shows discuss serious topics in a way that appeals to the mass viewer.
These Latin TV favourites have, in many ways, found some popularity with people from other countries. Yo Soy Betty la Fea, a Colombian TV show, has been adapted for US audiences as Ugly Betty. This show has seen a huge following and many fans, especially in its first 3 seasons, and yet the original Colombian version has an even bigger fan base in its place of origin and all Latin American countries that watch it.

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