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TV chefs are a wild bunch. The industry seems to attract lunatics, as only the mad to join the industry in the first place, working such long hours, in such hot conditions, under such pressure, in an elite Michelin Starred kitchen. Only the strong survive because everything has to be perfect, and perfection is drilled into all of the sous chefs and commis chefs from a young age. It is like the military in many ways. And even when renowned chefs get their own TV shows they do not seem to mellow at all with age, they are still as passionate and as vocal as ever about food. They seem to have a vision of how food should taste and look, and if no one else can meet their exacting standards, then they are in for a rough ride. Here are two of the greatest, and most volatile, TV chefs.
Marco Pierre White
This man is the original rock star, having become one of the first British celebrity chefs of the modern cooking scene, he is also a restaurateur and television personality. He started cooking French classic cuisine but adding a modern twist, and his culinary skills are second to none. White burst onto the scene as the youngest chef ever to receive the coveted three Michelin stars but has since been dethroned. He has also been responsible for training many of the best chefs around, including his protégé Gordon Ramsay. White followed in the footsteps of Ramsey to host ITV's celebrity cooking show, Hell's Kitchen but said: "Gordon did it his way; I'll do it my way.”
Gordon Ramsey
Gordon Ramsey is perhaps one of the most outspoken and cutting of all the TV Chefs and his popularity both in the UK and America has been growing ever since his onscreen debut. His TV break came in the fly on the wall documentary series, Boiling Points, which showed a young Gordon Ramsey seeking to beat his master and become the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars. Ramsey has gone on to become a household name since them, performing in shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. He is best mates with David and Victoria Beckham, which tells you his stature.

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